Fyne Audio unveils three new models to its formidable UK made F700 Series, the compact F700 bookshelf and F701 standmount models, and the substantial F704 floorstander. The move brings the popular series to five strong and now includes the optional FS8 dedicated speakers stands for the smaller models.


Headlining Fyne’s presence at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020, the F704 is the latest contemporary loudspeaker design to emerge from Fyne’s Glasgow, UK factory. Designed to fill the largest rooms, the near 70kg F704 boasts the dynamics, power handling and efficiency to recreate an incredibly realistic live music experience at home. Featuring Fyne’s most significant IsoFlareTM point source driver at 12” (300mm) diameter and augmented with a supplementary 12” (300mm) bass driver, the F704 boasts 96dB/W efficiency and 600W peak power handling to deliver dynamic crescendos exceeding 120dB SPL.


The IsoFlare driver in the F704 is a tour de force of Fyne Audio’s engineering expertise, coaxially mating a 300mm multi-fibre cone LF driver with FlyneFluteTM roll surround to a unique 75mm titanium dome compression tweeter. The sheer size of the driver motor assemblies allows the use of extremely large ferrite magnets to facilitate high power handling with exceptional cooling.


At the other end of the loudspeaker spectrum, the diminutive F700 is just 348mm tall yet offers true point source articulation and engaging dynamics from its single 6” (150mm) IsoFlare driver. This unit uses a 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter with a compact, high power neodymium magnet motor system. Despite its compact dimensions, the F700 offers substantive bass output down to 40Hz, 89dB/W efficiency and peak handling power of 300 Watts. The larger F701 steps up to an 8” (200mm) IsoFlare driver in a 465mm tall cabinet delivering point source accuracy at 91dB/W efficiency and handling peaks over 350 Watts.


The F700, F701 and F704 all benefit from Fyne’s innovative BassTraxTM Tractrix LF diffuser system integrated into their luxury machined aluminium plinths. The hand-built crossovers are Deep Cryogenically Treated, relieving micro stresses in components, conductors and solder joints of the crossover circuit, improving crystal structure in the conductive materials and leading to a cleaner, more refined and natural sound.


BassTrax is a core principle of Fyne Audio’s loudspeaker design architecture that turns plane wave LF output from the cabinet’s down-firing port into a 360 degrees wavefront for smoother, deeper bass and seamless room integration. Engineered into the F700 Series aluminium plinths, the system uses a Tractrix profile cone in the port opening, mathematically defined to turn the wave through 90 degrees without loss or phase aberrations. As the diffuser is conical, the wave is output from the slot between the plinth’s metal plates in all directions, assisting room integration and better replicating the 360 degree output of real world deep bass instruments.


Like all models in the F700 series, the new F700, F701 and F704 are available in piano gloss black, piano gloss white and the sumptuous piano gloss walnut veneer. In conjunction with the F700 expansion, Fyne Audio has also announced the dedicated FS8 loudspeaker stand, created for the  F700, F701 and the new F1-5 and F1-8. The design shares the same luxury build and machined aluminium plinth of the attendant speaker ranges, adding both acoustic and aesthetic benefits to these stand mount designs.


The UK built F700 Series will be on display at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020 with the latest F700, F701 and F704 models taking pride of place. The F701 and FS8 will be available February 2020 and the F700 and F704 will join the rest of F700 Series in Fyne Audio retailers worldwide in late Spring 2020.